Sunday, March 31, 2013

Was the resurrection a hoax?

Let’s examine some of the facts…
  • When Jesus was crucified His disciples lost hope and fled the scene
  • The tomb where they placed Jesus after He died was guarded by Roman soldiers
  • Three days after the crucifixion the tomb was empty  
  • Jesus then appeared to over 500 people, His disciples, Apostle Paul, and many others over a 40 day period of time. These are eyewitness accounts
  • His disciples who lost hope when Jesus was crucified lived transformed lives when they encountered the risen Jesus. They would then all turn the word upside down preaching the Good News about Jesus Christ
  • History tells us most of the disciples died as martyrs for Jesus
  • Christianity exploded into existence and spread all over the world. The Sabbath day changed from Saturday to Sunday (sort of a big deal when you consider the Jews observed the Sabbath on Saturday for a very long time)  
  • Jesus literally fulfilled hundreds of prophecies (these prophecies were written centuries before His birth). As one example, I suggest you read Isaiah 53 (written 500 years before Jesus was born)
  • I would dare you to check these things out for yourself. Read the Bible and try to prove it wrong. People have tried doing it for thousands of years and have not been successful. It is a best seller for a reason and remains the most read book of all time
  • Jesus is risen indeed